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Byrd mass Jan 2014

This mass was offered on Jan. 19, 2014.  The setting of the mass is William Byrd's Mass for Three Voices.
The mass may be seen by parts below.  Highlights of the mass may be seen here, and excerpts from the choral sections may be seen here.

Part 1: Prayers at the foot of the altar, Asperges (polyphonic), procession

Part 2: Incensing of the altar, Kyrie, Gloria, first reading, psalm (chanted).

Part 3: Epistle (chanted), Gospel procession and Gospel (chanted), sermon, part I

Part 4:  Sermon II

Part 5:  Prayers of Petition, Penitential prayers

Part 6:  Offertory, Sanctus, Canon (first part)

Part 7:  Consecration, Lord's Prayer, Pax

Part 8:  Agnus Dei, communion of the faithful

Part 9:  Post-communion, Dismissal, Last Gospel

Part 10:  Recessional, Postlude