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Blogging in the Ordinariate

posted Mar 11, 2014, 12:30 PM by Rochester Ordinariate
Many out there are in the Ordinariate blogosphere (as small as it is) have been discussing Cardinal Muller's address to the Ordinaries.

There he comments regarding blogs:
“The image of the Ordinariate is not helped by unreflected speech lacking in charity.”

Since others have been asking for comment about this, it is my own view that this advice is about two or three years delayed.  Indeed, these days there is very little activity at all online - everything has fallen out.  I wish there would be more discussion!  This site is dedicated mainly to having an online presence of our group, and for posting our services and events - there is very little commentary by anyone in our group.  As you notice, comments are disabled, not so much because I (the webmaster) hate comments (although they can be both nasty and tiresome), but because I have no time to moderate them.

The people that are active online these days (Deborah, Fr. Hunwicke, the Expat blog, occasionally our extraordinary Ordinary), are all above board and quite gracious.  Indeed, I wish there were a thousand Fr. Hunwickes out there blogging for the education of humanity.

My take on this is that the good Cardinal is remembering back in the heat of spiritual battle there were quite a few brawls when people actually had to make decisions, and accept the consequences, as hard as they were.  Those were difficult days, when people had to leave communities, clergy resigned and reverted back to lay status, and tempers were running high.