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Epiphany V, 2014 (Sunday before Septuagesima)

posted Feb 8, 2014, 11:45 AM by Rochester Ordinariate   [ updated Feb 8, 2014, 11:46 AM ]
Epiphany V - Sunday before Septuagesima
February 9 
Mass, 3pm, Good Shepherd church
Coffee hour following

Music for the day:
Processional: 366 "All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine" (Engelberg)
Sequence: 153, v. 1 "Christ whose glory fills the skies" (Ratisbon)
Offertory: 347 "Alleluia! sing to Jesus" (Hyfrydol)
Recessional: 54 "Alleluia, song of gladness" (Dulce carmen)
Postlude: Alleluyas (Simon Preston)

Readings for the day are taken from the Roman Lectionary for the day

Burying the Alleluia.

Happily, we Latin Catholics in the Ordinariate follow the traditional calendar with the "Gesima" Sundays, and one common practice is to mark the day before Septuagesima by burying the Alleluia.  As seen above, the Alleluia will feature prominently in Sunday's mass. 

Fr. C. Phillips writes of the tradition:

There are many local traditions surrounding the “Burying of the Alleluia,” but the purpose is always the same: to mark the cessation of singing or saying the Alleluia during the penitential season, so that it can break out as a new song at Easter.  As the 13th century bishop, William Duranti, wrote, “We desist from saying Alleluia, the song chanted by angels, because we have been excluded from the company of the angels on account of Adam's sin.  In the Babylon of our earthly life we sit by the streams, weeping as we remember Sion.  For as the children of Israel in an alien land hung their harps upon the willows, so we too must forget the Alleluia song in the season of sadness, of penance, and bitterness of heart.”