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Feast of St. Alban

posted Jun 20, 2012, 8:07 AM by Rochester Ordinariate   [ updated Jun 20, 2012, 8:09 AM ]
Today, June 20, on the recently published Sanctorale of the Chair of St. Peter Ordinariate, we celebrate the feast of St. Alban, protomartyr of England, our patron.

His life story can be read here.

Fr. Cornelius brought this prayer to our attention this past Sunday:

Saint Alban, our friend, our patron and brother,
watch over us now from your heavenly home.
Help us keep safe the
faith that you died for.
Help us to love it as you bravely did. See that
we love our friends and our neighbors.
Make us true brothers and
sisters in Christ.
We ask that one day we will be with you. One with
God's army in heaven above.
Until that time keep us from all danger and
help us to grow stronger in God's love evermore.

Please unite your prayers with our own for the intercession of St. Alban for our group, that God will bless our efforts and multiply our offerings for his glory.