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In praise of the New Liturgical Movement blog

posted Apr 26, 2014, 10:39 AM by Rochester Ordinariate   [ updated Apr 26, 2014, 10:41 AM ]
I would like to draw our readers' attention to the two most recent articles on the NLM blog:

The first concerns our brother Ordinariate parish of St. John the Evangelist in Calgary, Canada.  This parish has doubled its membership since leaving the Anglican Church of Canada and entering the Ordinariate.  A look over the photos of their recent triduum services shows liturgy of the highest quality on display, in the best Anglo-Catholic tradition.  Kudos to Fr. Kenyon and the parish leadership for their excellent example to the Ordinariate and the rest of the Catholic world.

Our own services at the St. Alban fellowship also showed high standards, despite being only able to have a fraction of all of the services:  We had a fully chanted Passion of St. Matthew, in the traditional passion tone; Good Friday veneration of the Cross and prayers service; an an Easter Day kindling of the new fire, blessing of the Pascal candle, and chanted exultant.  Fr. Cornelius decked out the church in new paraments for the day.

The second NLM article concerns the maniple and other lost and found items, reporting on the delightfully titled article by Alessando Gnocchi: "Traces of the Hegelian Guillotine in the Liturgical Reform."

NLM is my second favorite Catholic blog, coming only after Fr. Hunwicke's cheeky "Mutual Enrichment"