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Pat Archbold on restoring the sense of the sacred during mass

posted Aug 14, 2014, 7:11 AM by Rochester Ordinariate
Over at the National Catholic Register, Pat Archbold has a good article about how to generally start improving things.

Here at the St. Alban Fellowship, we have implemented these good practices from the start and agree that they should be the norm in all Catholic churches.

However, as I have speculated elsewhere, I don't see these changes coming any time soon from within, for the simple reason that most clergy and laity seem to have no interest in them.

Concerning the cheeky first statement in the article:
When it comes to the liturgy of the Roman rite, some would have you believe that you have two choices, the progressive Novus Ordo mass at St. Banal of Boringham parish or the Traditional Latin Mass at the Parish of Quo Primum on the corner of Lunatic and Fringe.

I would add there is a third way for those fortunate enough to be near one: 
The Ordinariate's Use of the Roman Rite.