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Report from Paris - II

posted Jun 27, 2014, 3:45 PM by Rochester Ordinariate
I later visited the church of Sainte Odile, located in the north part of the center of the city.

The church is quite interesting.  It is big, with striking stained glass windows.  The pipe organ is remarkable - one can hear the air pumps running as it starts up.

The service was a traditional Latin mass - "Extraordinary form".  Paris is quite unusual in that it has about a dozen different places that offer the traditional mass, not counting the irregular groups.  The service was a said mass in the evening.  Dignified, simple, and meditative.  There was music played from the organ before and after the service, but no singing.  The priest was quite young, and gave a sturdy sermon - no nonsense - in French.   If my memory serves me correctly, the readings were in Latin.

There were not many in attendance, but I found it to be fine.  As you see from the photo, there was a considerable distance between the altar and the congregation.  I found the distance made it feel a bit remote for me.