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posted Sep 25, 2013, 7:20 PM by Rochester Ordinariate
Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson has taken up blogging.  The first few posts are now public on the Ordinariate website, and are very interesting.  This is a good way to increase awareness of the many things going on in Ordinariate communities around the country - both established and new.

Here is the blog description of the "chair of Peter":

Quo vadis, Domine?

The tradition of St. Peter’s encounter with Christ on the Via Appia leading southward out of Rome, is an unforgettable lesson about the nature of Christian discipleship.  In a 2nd century version, The Acts of Peter, the Apostle is urged by his friends to leave Rome ahead of the gathering storm clouds of persecution.  He meets the Lord in a vision on the road and asks him, “Where are you going, Lord?”  “To Rome, to be crucified a second time.”  Cut to the quick, Peter immediately returns to Rome and to his martyrdom.

At a subliminal level, this story has profoundly affected the Catholic understanding of the unique apostolic foundations of the Church of Rome.  The people of the Ordinariate, who are in a special way bound to St. Peter by the act of conscientiously embracing Catholic unity, cannot help but be drawn in to this beautiful story.  It is ultimately rooted in the call to evangelize.

When Peter returned to Rome, the people begged their pastor to save himself.  But he said, “It is the Lord who will establish you in the faith, and you will go out and plant the faith in others.”  This is the heart of the Petrine ministry.