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The switch is never easy

posted May 28, 2014, 12:17 PM by Rochester Ordinariate
Catholics and Anglicans can seem quite similar on the outside.  However, anyone who has ever switched from Anglican/Episcopalianism to the Catholic Church can tell you it is a very hard journey to make.

That fact was refreshed in my memory as I read the announcement that the founder of the famous Anglican blog "Stand Firm", Mr. Greg Griffith, was received into the Catholic Church this past Easter.  His story about his decision to switch from the "Orthodox Anglican" front lines in the blog wars to the CC is recounted here.

However, his fellow bloggers are not at all happy about this development, and wrote a piece about it, where they say among other things that "It has been a heavy burden to us and we are heartbroken over his conversion to Roman Catholicism", and that his "heartfelt statement ... is a devastating indictment ... on conservative Anglicans throughout the US."

Our prayers are offered for Mr. Griffith and his family, as well as for those so disturbed by his decision.