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Trinity V, 2013

posted Jun 26, 2013, 12:07 PM by Rochester Ordinariate   [ updated Jun 26, 2013, 1:23 PM ]
Sunday, June 30, 2013 
Fifth Sunday after Trinity 
Sung Mass according to the Anglican Use, 3pm, coffee hour following

Music for the day:

Asperges me — Ps 50:1

Processional hymn:
524 — God of grace and God of glory

Gospel hymn: 
310 God moves in a mysterious way

Offertory hymn: 
519Once to every man and nation

Communion hymn:
191 O Thou, who at the first Eucharist didst pray

Recessional hymn: 
536 — Turn back, O man, forswear thy foolish ways

Readings follow the Roman lectionary for the day.

Last Sunday's celebration with the Traditional Latin Mass group was a very moving and beautiful experience for our group.  Fr. Peter Mottola celebrated his first mass following ordination as celebrant of a Solemn High mass, complete with full choir (who sang the Gregorian chants and parts of the mass beautifully), Deacon, subdeacon, a dozen acolytes and all the trimmings.  This was a special service to celebrate also the twentieth anniversary of the Latin mass community. Fr. Peter rattled off the Latin very impressively.  My question:  why isn't every Sunday principal mass like this in every Latin rite church?

We were especially moved by his choice of sermon material, quoting at length one of the famous passages (Was ever another command so obeyed?) in the Shape of the Liturgy by Dom Gregory Dix, noted Anglo-Catholic theologian and liturgist of the previous generation.

We also could not fail to note the choice of the rousing and excellent English hymns for the processional and recessional.  Mutual enrichment in action!

Turning to the beautiful photo above, the St. Alban fellowship wishes to extend a very warm welcome to the new Ordinariate group in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  The group includes Fr. Richard Harris and his wife, Maggie, famous for her Maggie's Kitchen column in the ACCC diocesan circular (see here for a good one from 2011).

If for no other reason than the necessity of perpetuating Maggie's column, the Chair of St. Peter Ordinariate must now have a regular newsletter!

Afterthought:  Those wishing to know more about the life of Dix could do worse than reading an article by our friend and correspondent, Prof. William Tighe about the Shape of the Liturgy and the life and times of Dix.