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Trinity XI, 2013

posted Aug 5, 2013, 12:04 PM by Rochester Ordinariate
Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eleventh Sunday following Trinity

Evensong (Vespers), 3pm
Coffee hour following
Good Shepherd church

Processional hymn: 384 — Christ is made the sure foundation
Phos Hilaron
Psalm:  109 & 110, Anglican chant 
First reading:  Hosea 11:1-11
Magnificat:  Plainsong
Second reading:  1st Peter 1:3-5
Nunc Dimittis:  Anglican Chant
Recessional:  431 — In heav'nly love abiding

This coming Sunday, Fr. Cornelius will be taking some well deserved vacation.  Consequently, the St. Alban fellowship will be singing the beautiful service of Evensong.  All not on vacation elsewhere are welcome to come pray with us in addition to attending mass elsewhere.

This past Sunday, Fr. Cornelius passed along the exciting news that our final liturgical books for the celebration of mass are now completed by the Liturgical commission tasked with their development, and that we should have them by the fall.  Preliminary chatter indicates good things to come, with many elements coming from the Anglican missal tradition which would fit most naturally with the Anglo-Catholic background of most Ordinariate members.  For the interested Roman rite readers, this would correspond roughly with the Extraordinary form in traditional English, together with elements from the Prayerbook.  I expect it will not be much different from how we now celebrate mass, but the detailed differences will be interesting to see.